Procedure and apparatus for refining the grain structure formed during crystallization.


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Method for extracting and displaying the entire content of a selective diagram during the crystallization process


The invention relates to a method and device for refining the granular structure formed during crystallization using a magnetic stirring device that creates an advanced magnetic field.

The essence of the invention is that during the process, the magnetic stirring device creates strong turbulent flow and high shear force in the molten metal in the crystallization channel (21) and the mixing zone, in such a way that it causes certain parts of the melt to flow against each other.

The device implementing the process is equipped with a closed magnetic circuit TMF twin inductor suitable for magnetic stirring of molten metal. It is assembled from the "A" side inductor part (13) and the "B" side inductor part (14), connected yoke (19), heating-cooling jacket (20), and the crystallization channel (21).


Dr. Károly Nehéz; Dr. Péter Mileff; Dr. Olivér Hornyák; Martin Szabó

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