• "Leaders on the path of innovation, with unique advantages!"

    "We offer exceptional and unique services for our club members, elevating your business above the competition."

    What is the Innovation Club?
  • "Innovations towards success!"

    Join us and enjoy the benefits of SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) club membership! For only gross HUF 25,000 per month, you can have full access to our exclusive services.


    Business Innovation Club

    Your company has a unique opportunity to join the Business Innovation Club at the University of Miskolc! The club offers exclusive benefits and additional opportunities for your business, helping in its growth and achieving successful business results.

    The club's events.

    The exclusive services of the Business Innovation Club at the University of Miskolc:

    Why join?

    Exceptional services:

    - We offer exceptional and unique services for our club members that will set your business apart from competitors.
    - Expert support: We provide dedicated support to facilitate the development of your business, and our experts assist in crafting successful business strategies.
    - Privileged connections: Connect with other leading companies and build valuable business relationships at club events and meetings.
    - Exclusive benefits: Surprise with special club member discounts and offers that can enhance the efficiency of your business.

    Don't miss out on this outstanding opportunity! Join the Innovation Club today and enjoy exclusive benefits for your business.

    Contact us for membership or any inquiries. Our team looks forward to welcoming you to the club!

    Club Membership Services:

    24 hours:

    Customer support within 24 hours, ensuring you always receive quick and efficient answers to your inquiries.

    10% discount

    10% discount on all R&D (Research and Development) services to support the development and growth of your business.

    High priority

    Priority for orders to ensure that your project always takes precedence.

    Customized needs assessment

    Custom needs assessment to fully understand your business needs and provide personalized solutions.

    Business dinner

    Quarterly business dinners where you can build connections and share experiences with other leaders and business professionals.

    Free conference participation

    Membership in the Business Innovation Club allows for free participation in the conferences organized by us, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

    Grant Collaboration

    A grant collaboration to help you leverage available funding opportunities.