Fire-Resistant Reed Brick and Method for its Production


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Fire-resistant Reed Brick and Method for its Production


The subject of the patent is a fire-resistant reed brick that can be used for constructing the filling thermal insulation masonry of buildings. The brick consists of a brick foam structure enclosing a multitude of dried reed stems from lake or river and/or reed weaving. It also contains reed pith (16) surrounded by a cement foam layer (9) with flat or curved surfaces on all sides, and the length of the reed stems within the reed core (16) is 12–60 times their diameter. In the reed core (16), the reed stems (11) are arranged as reed inserts (14) in contact with each other in the direction of the load. The reed core (16) fills a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 80% of the total volume of the fire-resistant reed brick (1). The reed core (16) has a reed insert made of reed stems (11) surrounded by one or more clamping irons (10). The patent also describes the method for producing the fire-resistant reed brick, involving the production of a cement slurry with foaming additives in a closed or open mold, foaming it to shape, and subsequent concrete curing after mold removal. During mold preparation (42), a mold (20) is created that positions the reed core (16) with a gap (19) between the sides of the mold (20). The foaming process (44) is preceded by reed preparation (41), during which the reed stems (11) are formed into a reed core (16). In the process of producing cement slurry (43), the cement slurry mixed with foaming additives is foamed to shape in one or more molds (20) created during mold preparation (42), ensuring that the cement foam covers the reed core from all sides. After foaming and mold removal, the resulting fire-resistant reed bricks (1) are used.


Dr. Kocserha István; Hamza Alexandra; Asztalos Flóra; Kiss Attila

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