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Fan Balancer Clip


The invention pertains to a fan balancer clip used for examining the balancing clips (5) of rotating air-circulating fan blades. It consists of a U-shaped stand (6), fastening elements suitable for securing the clips (5), a load cell (2), and a strain gauge stamp (9) suitable for force measurement. It is connected to an electrically operated signal processing unit (11), a signal conversion unit (12), a display (13), and a power supply (14). It is characterized by the fact that the stand (6) has a base (1) and a bracket (10). The base (1) houses a fixed load cell (2), which has a fastening shoe (8) for securing one side of the clip (5). The other side of the clip (5) is secured in a groove (17) of the bracket (10) in a rotation-free manner. The load cell (2) has a vertically movable load spindle (4) with a gripping fork (7) attached to its angular end. The load spindle (4) also has a disk wheel (3) equipped with a threaded connection.


Dr. Péter Zoltán Kovács; Viktor Gál

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