Polymer sludge testing

The polymer melt flow indexer is essential for assessing the processability of polymer materials, measuring viscosity at a specified temperature and load.

Chemical Solidity Tests

Chemical Engineering Structural Laboratory: Equipment for testing flat plates, pressure vessels, measuring and data collection instruments, pressure test pumps, and compressors for structural testing.

Wind tunnel tests

Wind tunnel laboratory: Closed, open, and forced convection wind tunnels, CTA, Schlieren optics, Infratech camera, PIV, and LDA systems.

Uniaxial compression testing

Our various load testing machines enable a wide range of material and structural testing, which is crucial for the design and evaluation of materials.

Triaxial compression testing

Triaxial compression tests can be carried out with varying compressive forces using different loading machines. These tests comply with ISRM recommendations and the MSZ 18285/3-79 standard.

Brazil test

In the "Brasil test," different loading machines are used according to the tests' requirements, depending on the necessary compressive force needed to carry out the tests.

Internal combustion engine test

Lancsarics motor testing laboratory: 250 kW dynamometer, various test engines, AVL exhaust gas analyzer. Comprehensive testing of internal combustion engines using modern equipment.