Internal combustion engine test

The Lancsarics engine testing laboratory specialises in internal combustion engine testing and uses the following equipment:

  1. Brake bench:
    • Maximum power: 250 kW
    • Maximum torque: 1200 Nm
    • Maximum speed: 8000 rpm
    • Water-cooled eddy-current braking machine with pulse modulation principle with matched control electronics.
    • A further 44 kW nominal power frequency controlled asynchronous motor with variable speed control is connected to the drive chain, forming a compound braking unit developed by Energotest.
    • The braking chamber is specifically designed for testing diesel engines.
  2. Test engines:
    • 2.0 TD common-rail diesel engine (provided by Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.)
    • 1 Peugeot trainer engine
    • 2 Audi engines for disassembly and assembly for demonstration purposes
    • 1 Opel passenger car equipped with diagnostic system
  3. Other equipment and systems:
    • Würth diagnostic box
    • AVL flue gas analysis system
    • Fume extraction system
  4. Brake room control:
    • 12-seat training room in the brake room control room.

The variety of our equipment and test engines allows our laboratory to test and study a wide range of different types of internal combustion engines. Modern diagnostic systems and a specific design of the braking room provide an optimal environment for studies and engine tests.

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