Chemical Solidity Tests

Our Chemical Strength Laboratory uses the following equipment and software for Chemical Strength Testing:

  1. Flat Plate Stress and Deflection Testing Equipment:
    • The equipment used in the laboratory is designed to test the stress state and deformation of flat plate materials.
  2. Pressure vessels:
    • Pressure vessels are specialised equipment for modelling and testing pressure conditions in chemical processes.
  3. Measuring and Data Acquisition Units and Sensors:
    • Various types of measuring and data acquisition devices and sensors for measuring and recording chemical strength parameters.
  4. Test Pressure Pump:
    • A test pressure pump used for testing the strength properties of materials to help map the load behaviour of different materials.
  5. Compressor:
    • The compressor is used in the laboratory to experiment with different gases and to generate pressures required for chemical processes.

Together, this equipment enables Chemical Strength Testing, which helps to better understand the strength and mechanical properties of materials in chemical processes.

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