Uniaxial compression testing

In a “uniaxial compression test”, different load machines are used according to the tests, i.e. depending on the compression force needed to perform the tests. The available loading machines are:

  • 25 kN: Low compressive forces are used for testing finer materials or smaller structures.
  • 100 kN: A medium compressive force is used for general purposes, for example for medium density materials or scaled specimens.
  • 1000 kN: High compressive forces are used for testing heavy-duty building materials or complex structures.
  • 3000 kN: Very high compressive forces are used, for example for extreme load-bearing materials or large structures.

These load cells are used in accordance with the recommended methods of the ISRM (International Society for Rock Mechanics) and the MSZ EN 1926 standards to ensure reliable and standardised test results. The various load machines allow a wide range of material and structural testing, which is key to the design and evaluation of materials.


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