Welding technology development

Our service includes the experimental determination of the resistance-welding parameter window and the development of welding technology. The equipment used and its specifications are described in detail below:

Operation to be performed: Experimental determination of the resistance-welding parameter window and experimental development of the welding technology.

Equipment type: resistance welding equipment type TECNA 8007.


  • Suitable for Welding Operations.
  • Parameter ranges:
    • Welding Force: The equipment can operate in a range of welding forces from 1.5 to 6 kN.
    • Welding current: The welding current range is from 0,1 to 24 kA, which allows precise control of the current intensity.
    • Welding Time: Welding time ranges from 20 to 2000 ms and also uses pulse technology.

This specification range allows experimental testing and optimisation of different welding parameters and technologies. Our service helps customers find the ideal welding parameters and improve welding technology in order to produce the best quality and reliable welds.

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