Digital high-speed camera

Our service offers the use of a digital high-speed camera. Below we describe the equipment used and its specifications:

Operation to be performed.

Equipment Type: Motionpro Y4 camera.


  • Recording speed: The Motionpro Y4 camera can record a maximum of 5000 frames per second (FPS). This high speed allows detailed and slow motion analysis of fast movements and processes.
  • Resolution: The camera records at 1024×1024 resolution, allowing for high quality images and videos. Detailed resolution is important for accurate analysis.
  • Optics: The camera is equipped with optics for arc welding. This allows detailed observation and analysis of arc welding processes.

Our Motionpro Y4 camera service enables fast and accurate inspections in areas where the capture and analysis of fast events and movements is critical. High resolution and speed allow you to identify problems and optimise processes.

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