Experimental Design and Optimization of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Technology with Tungsten Electrode

Our service offers the design and optimisation of tungsten electrode arc welding technology design and optimisation on a pilot basis. The equipment used and its specifications are described below:

Operation to be performed.

Equipment Type: Migatronic Pi 500 welding equipment with CWF cold wire feed unit.


  • Welding modes: the equipment supports both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) welding modes. It also uses pulse technology, which allows optimization of arc stability and weld quality.
  • Cold-wire feed unit: the equipment is equipped with a cold-wire feed unit, which enables precise material dosing during welding.
  • Maximum Welding Current: The equipment supports a maximum welding current of 500 A, which enables high current welding for a variety of materials and applications.

Our service is designed to identify and optimize the ideal welding technology to help customers create the highest quality and most reliable welds possible. The versatility and specification range of the equipment allows us to solve a variety of welding problems and meet specific needs.

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