Experimental Design and Optimization of Solid Wire Gas Metal Arc Welding Technology

Our service offers the design and optimisation of wire electrode arc welding technology design and optimisation by means of piloting. The equipment used and its specifications are described below:

Activity to be performed .

Equipment Type:

  1. Daihen Varstroj WB-P500L
  2. Daihen OTC DW-300
  3. Fronius CMT Advanced 4000 welding equipment


  • Welding Modes: the equipment supports both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) welding modes. They also feature pulse and double pulse technology as well as Fronius CMT technology.
  • Maximum Welding Current:
    • Daihen Varstroj WB-P500L: In DC mode, the maximum welding current is 500 A, and in AC mode 300 A.
    • Daihen OTC DW-300: The equipment supports a maximum current of 300 A. In AC mode, the maximum current is 300 A. In DC mode, the maximum current is 300 A. In DC mode, the maximum current is 300 A.
    • Fronius CMT Advanced 4000: With CMT technology, the maximum welding current is 400 A.

Our service aims to determine the optimum welding technology and to optimise it experimentally. The versatility of the different equipment and technologies allows the definition and fine-tuning of specific welding parameters required for different materials and applications. Customers can therefore be sure that their welds are performed with the best quality and efficiency.


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