Train order determining device


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Train order determining device


The train order determining device is designed to determine the order of train cars (51). The device consists of a data collector unit (1) located in the locomotive (54) and identification blocks (55) placed on the train cars (51), digitally communicating with the data collector unit (1). The data collector unit (1) is equipped with a display, and the train cars have accelerometers. Each data collector block (55) on the train cars (51) consists of non-interconnected data storage units (2) and data transmission units (2). These units, including data storage units (2) and data transmission units (2), are positioned at opposite ends of each train car designated for each order. The data storage unit (3) and the data transmission unit (2) on a train car (51) are not physically, electrically, or in terms of data traffic connected to each other, and there is only a unidirectional data connection between the identification blocks (55) and the data collector unit (1).


Márton L. Kiss, Dr. Attila Trohák

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