External closing valve


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External closing valve


The external closing valve is designed for closing the mold cavity (24) of a hot runner (18) injection molding tool (41). It consists of a heated rod (3), a valve stem (34), and an actuator (8), with the valve stem (34) having a closing cone (27), and the hot runner (18) having a nozzle (23). The movable part of the external closing valve is located outside the hot runner (18) in the mold base (29). The valve stem (34) is connected to the actuator (8) in the movable tool half (14). The closing cone (27) of the valve stem (34) closes the nozzle (23) from the side of the mold cavity (24), not the channel (36). The valve stem (34) suitable for closing the nozzle (23) is formed on the opposite side of the hot runner (18) in the movable mold base (29). The actuator (8) connected to the valve stem is fixed in the movable tool half (14). The external closing valve (1) has a closing cone (27), and the introduction cylinder (35) is designed for the closing pin (5) or the closing plug (4). The closing plug (4) has a cavity (31) connected to the closing pin (5), an introduction cylinder (35) with a closing cone (27), and an undercut (11). The actuator (8) moves the valve stem (34), which can be a hydraulic working cylinder or a mechanical drive.


Dr. György Czél, Péter Almási

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