Integrated building element


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Integrated building element


The subject of the invention is an integrated building element (1) for constructing wall structures, which is cement matrix-based (10) and layered in structure. The integrated building element (1) has a hydrogen peroxide-foamed and reinforcement fiber-stabilized, gradient foam structure cement matrix (10) insulation zone (3) facing towards the exterior, a load-bearing zone (2) containing lightweight additives (16) and porous ceramics (12), and a heat storage zone (6) containing phase-change capsules (4) facing towards the interior. Between the insulation zone (3) and the load-bearing zone (2), there is a layer of lightweight additives (13) with a dry density of 550-700 kg/m3, containing air pores (5) and providing a continuous boundary transition supported by the static support layer (14). The static support layer (14) of the load-bearing zone (2), opposite to the insulation zone (3), has a continuous boundary transition with the heat storage zone (6) and consists of porous ceramics (15) with a dry density of 1100-1250 kg/m3 embedded in a cement matrix (10). The reinforcing fibers in the insulation zone (3) are optionally synthetic and/or natural, preferably polypropylene reinforcing fibers (17). The static support layer (14) is composed of air pores (5) and lightweight additives (13) embedded in a cement matrix (10). The phase-change capsules (4) in the heat storage zone (6) have a sealing shell (9) with a thickness of 0.1-0.5 mm to retain the phase-change material.


Dr. István Kocserha, Alexandra Hamza, István Velősy, Dr. Zsuzsanna Józsa

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