Bearing grease analyzer device


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Bearing grease analyzer device


The bearing grease analyzer device (1) is designed to determine the electrical resistance of bearing grease (20). The device includes an electric motor (3), a base (2), a rotational speed sensor (4), the positive pole (16) and negative pole (15) for conducting resistance measurements, and an electrical resistance meter. It also includes an electric power supply and a shaft coupling (5) for operating the electric motor (3). The distinguishing feature is that there are two identical test bearings (8) lubricated with bearing grease (20), positioned on a common axis (14) with a spacer (19) between them, housed in a bearing housing (10) fixed detachably to the base (2). The bearing housing (10) is equipped with a load (18) at one end of the shaft (14), and at the opposite end of the shaft, there are the shaft coupling (5), rotational speed sensor (4), and electric motor (3). Within the bearing housing (10), a non-conductive spacer (19) made of non-conductive material is positioned between the inner clamping ring (13) fitting the outer ring of one bearing (8) and the outer clamping ring (12) fitting the outer ring of the other bearing (8). The material of the inner clamping ring (13) and the outer clamping ring (12) is conductive metal.


Géza Németh, Attila Potyka

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