Renewable gases and power-to-gas technologie

The topic has become an increasingly important strategic goal for the research base of the University of Miskolc in recent decades. Combustible gases derived from fossil sources are expected to persist for many years, given current trends. However, it can be predicted that climate protection efforts will gradually lead to the replacement of fossil fuels. The utilization of biogases from various sources (sewage gas, landfill gas, agricultural biogas) has decades of experience, and hydrogen has emerged as one of the most popular topics in recent years.

Power to Gas (PtG) technologies are at the forefront of energy conversion and storage, providing an excellent opportunity to convert irregularly generated electricity from renewable sources into a storable form. The stored gas can be methane and hydrogen. Research in this field encompasses electricity, methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, gas storage, pipeline transportation, and utilization.


  • Technologies for the production of biogas from different feedstocks
  • Treatment and purification of produced renewable gases
  • Utilization possibilities of gases in gas-fired equipment
  • Injection of purified gases into the natural gas network
  • Modeling and simulation of the technologies and processes
  • Gas quality issues related to utilization and injection into public gas networks
  • Issues of transport use
  • Linking technologies with PtG projects
  • Process modeling of developed PtG technologies
  • Legal/regulatory issues for injecting renewable gases into the natural gas network
  • Organizing further training in the subject areas


  • ASPEN HYSYS process modeling software package
  • ANSYS engineering numerical simulation software package
  • Gas analyzer, thermal camera, pressure, and temperature measuring equipment


  • EIE/06/221/SI2.442663 REDUBAR Examination of legal methods and the removal of administrative barriers for combustible gases from renewable energy sources used for heating and cooling (Project leader: DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH, Leipzig)
  • R&D Investigation of the supply of biogas from different sources into the natural gas network
  • Szunyog, I.: Quality Requirements of the Application of Biogases in Natural Gas Public Utility Services in Hungary; PhD dissertation, 2009.
  • Szunyog, I. – Galyas, A.B.: Power-to-gas technologies in the gas industry of the future; Épületgépész, VII. évf. 2018/10. ISSN 2063-5400

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