Virtual logistics centres

The focus is on improving the logistics connections and logistics performance of small and medium-sized enterprises through a special network collaboration. The aim of this form of cooperation is to exploit the temporary market potentials created by individual customer needs and the shortened life cycle of products.


• Development and application of virtual logistics centres in the field of procurement, production,
distribution and recycling
• Virtual logistics centre as a cluster manager
• Virtual logistics centre and e-commerce
• Virtual logistics and business centre


• Logistics resource sharing with virtual logistics centre – design, system design
• Organisation of distribution processes with a virtual logistics centre – system design
• Scope of activities and networking of the virtual logistics centre – at the system plan level


• High-tech logistics laboratory
• IT network


• Review of the letter processing system of the Hungarian Post National Logistics Center
• Investigation of the construction of a multimodal logistics service centre integrated into an industrial park
• Determining the logistics needs and resource requirements of the logistics decentralization to be
established in the Sátoraljaújhely Industrial Park, examining logistics cooperation in Slovakia
• Comparison of the experience of liberalised trade in electricity as a commodity in Europe and Hungary

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