Plastic deformation

In our pursuit of excellence in the research, development, and application of hot and cold forming processes, we specialize in shaping semi-products with precision and efficiency. Our focus extends beyond mere shaping; we prioritize the controlled modification of material properties through mechanical and thermomechanical processes to achieve superior results.


  • Technological examination, design, and process modeling of hot and cold rolling
  • Design and computed modeling of rolling technology parameters, including hollowing technology for flat and profile-shaped products
  • Design and modeling of brazing rolling for the production of multi-layered and composite structures
  • Laboratory production and examination of ultrafine-grained materials
  • Design, physical, and computed process simulation of wire and cable drawing technologies
  • Qualification of technological lubricants for optimal performance


  • Comprehensive design and validation of hot and cold forming technologies
  • Physical and virtual simulation of plastic forming technologies for enhanced process efficiency
  • Mechanical and microstructural examinations related to forming processes
  • Production of small series of forged, drawn, and cold or hot rolled products
  • Utilization of Simufact, MSC Marc, and Qform3d software for advanced simulations


  • Von Roll roll stand with extensive capabilities for rolling various thicknesses and widths
  • Mechanical material testing laboratory equipped with Instron universal tester, hardness testers, and climate chamber
  • Mechanical and hydraulic presses for various forming applications
  • Beché jackhammer for efficient material shaping
  • GDOES depth profile and element analyzer for accurate material analysis
  • Chain rod and pipe draw bench, single stage wire drawing machine for precise drawing operations


  • Collaborative projects with industry leaders such as Arconic-Köfém Ltd., ISD-Dunaferr Dunai Steelworks Ltd., Güntner Tata Climate Technic Ltd., Mahle Compressors Hungary Ltd., Szenna Pack Trade Ltd., and CERN
  • Research initiatives focused on material development, rolling optimization, and formability examination
  • Contributions to the advancement of Nb-NbTi-Cu composite structures for shielding large magnetic fields at CERN
  • Extensive examination and resolution of surface longitudinal cracks on concrete steels manufactured by ÓAM Ózdi Steelworks Ltd.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of hot and cold forming technologies, and let’s shape the future together with precision and innovation.

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