Welding of nuclear power plant equipment

Aim of the training: to learn about the welding specification systems for nuclear power plant equipment, the weldability of the material grades used in the field and the welding technologies that can be applied.

Training time: 20 hours

Training venue: University of Miskolc

Miskolc University:

Providing specialised knowledge on welding of nuclear power plant equipment, taking into account the current specifications, material qualities used and state-of-the-art welding technology.

An overview of welding specifications for nuclear power plant equipment. Classification. Specifications for personnel. Technology testing. Working test. Typical weld configurations. Specific aspects of welded joint inspection. Materials used in nuclear power plants and their weldability: carbon steels used in pressure vessels, stainless steels, hot strength steels. Mixed joints. Electric arc welds. Plasma arc welding. Electron beam welding. Stud welding. Plastic welding. Possibilities and limitations of weld repair. Overlay welding. Thermal spraying.

Responsible for the course

Minimum and maximum number of students: min 5 students, max 30 students

Planned start of training: on request at any time

Engineers and welding engineers interested in welding of nuclear power plant equipment.

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