Nuclear Power Plant Operations Engineer

Training goal: The Paks II Academy aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of nuclear energy among university students through high-quality training programmes.
The aim is to train engineers with a basic knowledge of the technological processes of a nuclear power plant (reactor technology, engineering technologies, water preparation, electrical technologies, control engineering, environmental and radiation protection), an understanding of the main technological systems of the plant, the operation process, the basics of nuclear safety and the safe operation of the plant without endangering health and the environment. After having acquired plant-specific knowledge, the engineers who have completed the training will be able to solve simpler tasks in the operation of nuclear power plant technological processes in the new nuclear power plant being built, to identify the mechanisms of action related to the operation of the nuclear power plant that have an impact on human health and safety, to perform simpler tasks of management, control, organisation and authority. The engineers who have completed the training are prepared for lifelong learning and to broaden their knowledge.

Training duration: 2 semesters

Tuition fee: 350.000 Ft/half year

Training location: the University of Miskolc

Qualificationobtained: nuclear power plant operations engineer

Main subjects: nuclear physics and reactor physics, thermohydraulics, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear power plant mechanical and electrical equipment and processes, materials technology and maintenance, nuclear power plant chemistry, environmental and radiation protection, measurement and operation, nuclear safety, nuclear accident prevention, regulatory procedures

Admission requirements: accepted bachelor’s degree: materials engineering, energy engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial product and design engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics engineering, agricultural and food engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry
Master’s degrees accepted: materials engineering, energy engineering, building and process engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical modelling, industrial product design engineering, automotive engineering, metallurgical engineering, mechatronics engineering, oil and gas engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry

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Responsible: Dr. Zoltán Siménfalvi, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

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