Fluid flow machines

Training objective: participants will acquire knowledge of the operation of electrical machinery and its main operating characteristics. The training will provide an understanding of the design and operational aspects of fluid and gaseous conveying systems through specific tasks.

Training time: theory 30 hours; practical 15 hours

Training fee: ask for a quote!

Training location: University of Miskolc

Miskolc University of Miskolc Miskolc University of Miskolc

Admission requirements

University of Applied Sciences:

All projects without exception will include energy considerations. In all energy-based systems, flow machines are used to transport gases and fluids and to maintain process systems such as low/high pressure spaces. In many cases, a significant part of the energy (electrical, mechanical) is consumed by the process machinery.

In order to choose the right machine, i.e. one that is suitable for the task, it is essential to know its operating state. The lack of this knowledge often results in faulty project planning to achieve a given objective.

In the field of fluid power machines, pipelines, their interconnections and components, turbo- and reciprocating pumps, fans, turbines are presented, where they form a single system. The training requires basic thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, but is sufficient in itself to provide the knowledge needed to carry out design and construction work efficiently. Laboratory exercises are possible, and the knowledge can be readily associated with numerical solutions and their evaluation.

The course will focus on the broadest possible demonstration of the applicability of machines that can be used for building energetics, machine tool manufacturing, exhaust, lower/higher pressure spaces, and many other applied engineering tasks.

Minimum and maximum number of participants: min 5, max 30

Planned start of training: on demand, at any time

Mechanical engineer, electrical systems engineer, control systems engineer, building services engineer, energy engineer, technically inclined

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