AutoForm Automotive Sheet Metal Forming Design and Finite Element Modeling System

Training goal: To prepare industry participants to be application level proficient in the AutoForm software system.

Training duration: 3-5 days

Training fee: request a quote!

Training location: University of Miskolc

Main topics – subjects.
An overview of the complete AutoForm design process chain, with a detailed introduction to the features of the software system.
A conceptual overview of AutoForm’s Planning & Bidding module, analysing different technology variants in the context of the manufacturing environment.
A comprehensive analysis of the AutoForm Die Design module, detailing the various options for die design. The possibilities of die design for different forming (Forming, Drawing) processes.
Presentation of the technological and tooling design process for typical automotive forming and tooling design tasks.
Presentation of the possibilities of modelling with given, known tool surfaces (so-called Full Tool Import), analysis of concrete industrial examples.

Entry requirements: Technical BsC or MsC (formerly college or university) degree

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