• Dr. Gombkötő Imre beszél az innovációs lehetőségekről és a körforgásos gazdaság kialakításáról a CIRCLETECH projekt keretében.

    Circular Economy and Innovation: Experts Share Their Experiences!

    Explore the intricacies and insights from our past TIP CLUB gatherings by delving into the provided link!

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  • Research, Development, and Innovation Management at the University of Miskolc

    Welcome to the website of the Center for Modern Materials and Intelligent Technologies in Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation.

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  • Technical Innovation Competency Hub

    The competency hub is now available, showcasing the university's 74 technical competencies across four focus areas.

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    Miskolci Egyetem Korszerű Anyagok és Intelligens Technológiák Felsőoktatási Ipari Együttműködési Központ (FIEK)


    "Welcome to the website of the Center for Modern Materials and Intelligent Technologies in Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation (FIEK) at the University of Miskolc!

    Our organization's mission is to promote the university's research and development activities and strengthen them with a business-oriented approach. To achieve this, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with the university's research units to select and present technologies and research results relevant to market players. We relay this information to our partners and support them by conveying their needs and technical-production challenges to the research organizations.

    The primary goal of the FIEK website is to provide up-to-date information about the university's research, development, and innovation activities. In doing so, we contribute to expanding the knowledge of researchers, students, and external partners while meeting their information needs."

    Our Activities

    "Our main activities at the FIEK Research, Development, and Innovation Management Division:

    Innovation Synchronization and Coordination: We synchronize and coordinate the research and innovation activities at the University of Miskolc to ensure their institutional-level and efficient contribution to advancement.

    Promotion of Research and Development Results: We showcase and disseminate the research and development outcomes of the University of Miskolc, facilitating their practical application and utilization.

    Development of External Partner Relationships: We establish research, development, and innovation collaborations with external partners by generating projects and creating new opportunities.

    Management of Intellectual Property: We manage institutional intellectual property, promoting the sale and market utilization of our intellectual creations, all within the appropriate frameworks and reporting obligations.

    Knowledge Map and Business Utilization: We create and continuously update a university knowledge map to make R&D+I services and results easily accessible and actively used by our business partners.

    Innovation and Research Management Training: We participate in organizing innovation and research management training for the University's lecturers and researchers. We also support our students in the field of innovation and startup ventures, incubating and managing them. In this regard, we coordinate the financial resources of the Proof of Concept Fund.

    R&D Funding Information Point: We establish a national and international R&D funding information point to inform all interested parties about the latest opportunities and information."

    Key Competencies

    Featured Projects

    Featured Events

    • Innovation Opportunities for Establishing a Circular Economy
      Business Club Event
      2024. February 14. 13:00
      Miskolci Egyetem, Startup Központ
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      Innovation Opportunities for Establishing a Circular Economy

      Innovation opportunities for the circular economy – TIP KLUB Registration: https://forms.office.com/e/qFKTzk4nhi Date: 14 February 2024, 13:00 – 16:00 Location 3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Building C/2. (GoogleMaps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/gwaQKzU3tvTL3Sut6 ) Programme: Arrival – standing […]

    • Invitation to the Symposium on Polyurethane Innovation Event
      Business Club Event
      2023. August 24. 09:30
      Miskolci Egyetem, Startup Központ
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    • START-UP Idea Contest
      2023. November 29. 08:00
      University of Miskolc, Start-up Center
      START-UP Idea Contest

      Join our Start-Up Competition, seeking innovative ideas for a sustainable future in the fields of circular economy and raw material management. Register by November 14. Don't miss this chance!