Resistance Welding Parameter Window Determination through Experimentation

Operation to be performed: experimental determination of resistance welding parameter window, experimental development of welding technology.

Type of equipment: resistance welding machine type TECNA 8007.


  • Suitable for AC resistance spot and bump welding.
  • Parameter ranges: 1,5 – 6 kN welding force, 0,1 – 24 kA welding current and 20 – 2000 ms welding time.
  • Use of pulse techniques during welding.

our service offers the possibility to optimise welding parameters and improve welding technology. Our TECNA 8007 resistance welding machine is suitable for AC resistance spot and bump welding. We can work with a wide range of parameters, where the welding force can vary from 1.5 to 6 kN, the current can be from 0.1 to 24 kA and the timing can be adjusted from 20 to 2000 ms. Using pulse technology, the welding process is precise and efficient, allowing fine-tuning of welding parameters to achieve the best results.


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