Quenching in Liquid Phase Coolant

Medium-Sized Chamber Furnace

Quenching in Liquid Phase Coolant

Our service offers the execution of quenching in a liquid phase coolant. Below, we present the equipment used and its specifications:

Operation Conducted: Quenching in Liquid Phase Coolant

Equipment Type: Medium-Sized Chamber Furnace


  • Austenitizing Temperature Range: The furnace is suitable for performing austenitizing up to a maximum temperature of 880°C. Austenitizing is a crucial process for improving the properties of metallic materials.
  • Cooling: Following the quenching process, cooling can be performed using various liquid coolants, including oil, water, or even quiescent air. This allows for the selection of optimal quenching parameters based on the properties of the specific material or component.

Our quenching in liquid phase coolant service aids in achieving and enhancing the proper hardness and strength of materials. The combination of austenitizing and appropriate cooling enables the attainment of optimal material properties, which is critical in various industries, such as the steel industry and manufacturing.

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