Welding technology development based on numerical/finite element modelling

This service is based on numerical/finite element modelling of welding technology and uses the Sysweld and Visual Environment family of software. The specifications of the software family and the service are described below:

Testing/Modelling Title: Development of welding technology based on numerical/final element modelling.

Equipment/Software Name, Type: Sysweld and Visual Environment software family.


  • Areas of Application: The software family is suitable for optimization of parameters for arc welding, laser beam welding and electron beam welding. The modelling allows for preliminary analysis of the temperature field, stress field and deformations during welding.
  • Welding Sequence Plan: the software allows the definition of the welding sequence plan, which is critical to ensure the efficiency and quality of the welding process.

The Sysweld and Visual Environment family of software allows the optimisation and planning of welding processes. Through numerical/finite element modelling, users can obtain preliminary information on thermal effects, stresses and deformations during welding, enabling them to select the right welding parameters and improve weld quality.

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