Scanning calorimeter (DSC)

Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) – Accurate Tracking of Thermal Changes

Our laboratory uses innovative Netzsch heat flux DSC equipment to precisely and accurately monitor thermal changes in test materials. DSC allows the monitoring of phase transformation processes due to heating or cooling, so that the properties of the materials under test can be analysed in detail.

  1. Netzsch 202 DSC with heat flux: Temperature range -156 – 600°C.
  2. Netzsch 404 heat flux device: can be used in the temperature range 25 – 700°C with DSC head and 25 – 1500°C with DTA head.
  3. Netzsch STA 449 F1 Jupiter Simultaneous TG-DTA/DSC: Temperature range -156 – 1500°C. The device determines not only the DSC but also the mass variation, providing the most complete information on the materials under test.

Our expert team is at your disposal to help you understand thermal changes, phase transformations and other important properties, ensuring high quality and reliable results. Choose our laboratory and experience the benefits of modern DSC technology!

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