Vibration diagnostic test

The “vibration diagnostic test” is performed using the Hurricane 12ch measuring system and IMI PCB M604B31 triaxial accelerometers. This equipment can be used for vibration diagnostic testing of machinery and for analysing the seismic effects of industrial blasts, including field measurements. The detailed specifications of the IMI PCB M604B31 triaxial accelerometers are as follows:

  • Sensitivity: (±20%) 100 mV/g (10.2 mV/(m/s²))
  • Frequency range: (±3dB) 30 to 300000 cpm (0.5 to 5000 Hz)
  • Sensor element: Ceramic
  • Measuring range: ±50 g (±490 m/s²)
  • Weight: 4.4 oz (124 gm)

This instrument is suitable for ISO 17025 accredited calibration and is ideal for vibration diagnostics and seismic effects analysis.


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