Standard tensile, compressive and flexural strength measurements

This service measures the standard tensile, compressive and flexural strength of materials. The equipment used and its specifications are described below:

Test/Modelling Designation: Standard tensile, compressive and flexural strength measurement.

Equipment/Software Name, Type: INSTRON 5566 universal material testing equipment.


  • Measurable Parameters: The equipment is suitable for standard tensile, compression and bending tests, as well as for the determination of fracture toughness, debonding, tear tests and bonded joint inspection.
  • Programmable loads: The equipment offers the possibility of programmable load setting and cyclic loads.
  • Load Range: The equipment has a load range from 2N to 10kN, making it suitable for testing a variety of materials.
  • Speed Range: the speed of tensile tests can be adjusted from 0.005 mm/min to 500 mm/min.
  • Temperature Range: The temperature range of the equipment is from -70°C to 350°C, allowing testing under different temperature conditions.

The INSTRON 5566 Universal Materials Tester provides a wide range of testing options for determining the mechanical properties of materials. The programmability of load, speed and temperature allows for customized testing for different materials and applications.

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