Shore Hardness measurement

This service uses the Shore hardness measurement method to determine the hardness of materials. The equipment used and its specifications are described below:

Test/Modelling Designation: Shore Hardness Measurement.

Equipment/Software Name, Type: Shore A, D, 0, 00 hardness measuring equipment.


  • Hardness Tester Types: The equipment is suitable for Shore A, D, 0 and 00 hardness measurements. These different types of hardness measurements are used to test various materials including foams, gels, elastomers and hard plastics.
  • Foams, Gels, Elastomers and Hard Plastics: The Shore hardness tester allows the standard hardness of materials to be determined, whether they are softer foams or hard plastics. This is important for quality control of various materials and their applications.
  • Shore 0 and 00 Measurement Capability: For gel-like, soft materials, the equipment also allows Shore 0 and 00 hardness measurements, a unique capability in the region.

Shore hardness measurement helps to understand the hardness of materials and their application potential. Different types of hardness measurements help in quality control and selection of materials to meet the requirements of specific applications.

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