Performing dynamic/ fatigue compression tests and room temperature creep tests on standard and customized specimens

Our service allows for the reliable and accurate execution of dynamic/fatigue compression tests and room temperature creep tests with standard and customized specimens. Below we describe the equipment we use and its characteristics:

Equipment Type: Zwick EZ010

  • Maximum load capacity: Our Zwick EZ010 has a maximum load capacity of 10 kN (1 tonne), which allows testing of various specimens even under higher loads.
  • Useful Workspace: The useful workspace of the unit is up to 460 x 600 x 1050 mm, which provides adequate space for specimens of various sizes.
  • Test speed: Adjustable test speeds range from 0,0005 mm/min up to 15 000 mm/min, allowing tests to be carried out at various speeds.
  • Stroke length: The unit has a stroke length of 400 mm, allowing a wide range of dynamic compression tests.
  • Position Resolution: The position resolution is extremely accurate, as low as 0.2 µm, which allows the tracking of minute changes in the material under test.
  • Pressure plates: The equipment can be equipped with pressure plates, allowing the possibility to perform pressure tests.
  • Standard library: the equipment is suitable for more than 600 standards, including DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM. This ensures that tests are always carried out in accordance with current standards.

Our service provides the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in dynamic and creep testing. Our flexible approach also allows for the testing of individual test specimens to give our customers exactly the data they need to develop and validate the quality of their products.

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