High pressure reaction moulding machine

Our service offers the use of a high-pressure reaction moulding machine, which allows injection into a mould with a polyol/isocyanate mixture. The general characteristics of the equipment and service are described in detail below:

Equipment Type: Hennecke Topline HK

  • Our Hennecke Topline HK equipment is suitable for injection into a temperature-controlledmould, where the polyol/isocyanate mixture is precisely and efficiently injected into the mould.
  • Custom Design: our service offers the possibility to design and manufacture custom moulds, allowing customers to create their own unique products.
  • Our Existing Moulds: we also have existing moulds, which are 400 x 400 x 100 mm in size and allow for the production of moulded parts.
  • Fictitious Car Seat Sets: our Hennecke Topline HK equipment also allows the production of fictitious car seat sets, which can be useful in a variety of industry applications, such as automotive or prototype development.

Our service helps customers to develop and manufacture products to meet their specific needs by taking advantage of high pressure reaction moulding technology. Temperature controlled mould injection is an efficient and precise method of producing high quality foam products that can be useful in a wide range of applications.

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