Fracture toughness test (KIc, JIc, COD, KIEAC)

Our equipment used in the “Fracture toughness test (KIc, JIc, COD, KIEAC)”:

MTS 312 and MTS 810:

  • Purpose: To test specimens over a wide temperature range, in ambient and environmental media, depending on the material quality and size of the specimen.
  • Load: 250 kN

The fracture toughness test measures the fracture toughness of materials under different loading and environmental conditions. Various methods are used in this type of test, such as KIc, JIc, COD and KIEAC, to determine the resistance of materials to crack initiation and propagation. These tests help to assess the reliability and performance of materials, particularly in applications where crack propagation can compromise the integrity of materials, such as construction, aerospace and automotive. The MTS 312 and MTS 810 allow fracture toughness tests to be carried out under varying environmental and loading conditions.

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