Welding and Allied Technologies

At our facility, we offer comprehensive support to industrial partners, addressing intricate production and operational challenges associated with welding processes. Our expertise extends to welding technology development, specialized training, and problem-solving in the industrial realm.


  • Development of welding technology in fusion and pressure welding processes
  • Assessment of welding technology through materials testing methods
  • Analysis of construction for welding technology suitability, automation, and robotization potentials
  • Numerical modeling and physical simulation of welding processes


  • Theoretical and experimental-based welding technology elaboration, including processes, parameters, and filler materials, along with destructive testing of welded joints
  • Investigation of welding problems in a virtual environment using SYSWELD
  • Plasma cutting services
  • Training programs including International and European Welding Engineer (EWE/IWE), European Welding Practitioner (EWP-RW), and Specialist (EWP-RS) for Resistance Welding, as well as company-specific short courses in fusion and resistance welding


  • Advanced welding equipment such as MIG/MAG and TIG units
  • HKS measurement system for welding parameter registration and analysis
  • TECNA 8007 resistance spot and projection welding equipment
  • Welding robot laboratory featuring MIG/MAG processes
  • Combined CNC plasma and flame cutting workstation
  • SYSWELD FEM software for numerical modeling of welding processes
  • GLEEBLE 3500 thermo-mechanical physical simulator


  • Collaboration with industry leaders like MOL Group, FGSZ Co., Joyson Safety Systems Ltd., Dometic Co., and Fortaco Co. for welding technology developments and failure analysis
  • Delivery of resistance and fusion welding short training courses for organizations like Audi and Bosch
  • Participation in projects like AUTOTECH and RMWF, focusing on automotive materials technologies and risk management in welding fabrication, respectively
  • Contribution to the LoCoMaTech H2020 project, aimed at developing low-cost materials processing technologies for mass production of lightweight vehicles

Partner with us for cutting-edge solutions in welding technology, training, and industrial problem-solving. We are committed to driving innovation and excellence in the welding industry.

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