Water management

This set of competencies aids the industry in investigating and solving problems related to sustainable water management.


  • Research on the sustainable and safe use of water in various forms and states found in nature
  • Identification of risk factors endangering the quality and quantity of water, elimination of emergency situations, minimization of the harmful effects of human interventions
  • Treatment and purification of industrial and municipal wastewater


  • Quantitative and qualitative monitoring and evaluation of groundwater resources
  • Design and expert activities related to water base protection
  • Investigation of water supply possibilities for drinking water, irrigation water, mineral water, thermal water, and medicinal water
  • Hydrodynamic, material transport, and heat transport modeling
  • Field and laboratory measurements for water management and water research
  • Water management surveys, water balance calculations of surface and groundwater resources
  • Examination and planning of dewatering and waterway replacement solutions
  • Water chemistry and soil mechanics field and laboratory tests
  • Design of industrial and municipal wastewater systems
  • Examination and further development of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, water treatment processes and equipment, as well as technologies
  • Fact-finding, complex investigations, human risk assessment, and monitoring related to the remediation of contaminated sites
  • Design of remediation systems
  • Utilization of the measurement and field capacities of the integrated soil mechanics and water chemistry laboratory


  • Ta Measurement of soil physical characteristics, classification, and leakage characteristics, measurement of hydrochemical parameters (T, pH, Eh, EC, DO, TDS, COD)
  • Agilent 4210 MP-AES
  • UniCam 929 AAS
  • Field DATAQUA drivers, pH, conductivity
  • Temperature sensors, infiltrometers
  • Unsat Suit
  • HACH LANGE field spectrophotometer, manual and trailed drilling and sampling equipment
  • GMS modeling environment
  • Processing Modflow
  • RIsk5
  • Crystal Ball
  • RBCA Tool Kit


  • Clean Drinking Water Project (Multidisciplinary Assessment of Safe Supply from Source to Consumers, 2018-1.2.1-NKP-2018-00011); https://tisztaivovizprogram.hu/
  • INNOVIZZ project (Innovative solutions for sustainable use of groundwater resources, GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00031)
  • Fact-finding of the pollution of the water bases around Abasár, as well as the review and updating of the Gyöngyös-Atkári drinking water base safety plan – hydrodynamic transport modeling
  • TSH Kft.: Carrying out quarterly monitoring activities for groundwater monitoring wells
  • Tatai Environmental Protection Ltd.: Complex geotechnical-hydrogeological study of the surroundings of the Almásfüzitő red mud reservoirs to assess the condition of the underground environment
  • DRV Zrt.: Development of a product range of bio-raw materials taking into account the local technological line – usability tests by optimizing operating conditions, GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00069

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