We carry out theoretical and experimental investigation of the tribological performance, damage, and failure mechanisms of monolithic or composite material systems and products subjected to friction and wear.


• Revealing the problems of operational structures subjected to wear, exploring the causes of the wear damage, expert analysis
• Supporting material and technology developments aimed at increasing the tribological performance, reliability, and lifetime; carrying out and evaluating the necessary theoretical and experimental investigations
• Investigation of surface-modified gradient and heterogeneous material structures, substrate-coating material systems, tribological characteristics of thin films with the aim of increasing the reliability and service life, and technology optimisation


• Characterisation of tribological performance by means of surface mechanics and microstructural investigations, e.g., dry and lubricated wear test, instrumented scratch test, Calotest, hardness test and microscopy; determining quantitative characteristics (adhesion, static and dynamic friction coefficient, worn volume, etc.) and qualitative features (wear mechanisms, wear morphology) of the tribological performance
• Determination of general roughness characteristics, analysing microtopography influencing the friction and wear behaviour; revealing the correlation between these features and tribological characteristics
• Modelling and simulation of damage processes, contact and friction problems of material systems and products (e.g., engineering components, tools) exposed to wear
• Measurement of substrate-free nanohardness and modulus values of coatings
• Education and training on topics related to design, operation, qualification, damage analysis, and material testing of structures subjected to wear


• Laboratory of Tribology and Surface Analysis of the Institute of Materials Science and Technology, UM:
̵ CETR, UNMT-1 multi-functional surface tester/ tribological and nano-analyser module
̵ SP-15 instrumented scratch tester
̵ Mitutoyo MVK-H1 micro-hardness tester
̵ Wolpert-Wilson UH-250 macro-hardness tester
̵ Optical microscopes (Zeiss Axio Observer D1m, Zeiss Stemi 200C)
• Laboratory of Product Design of the Institute of Machine and Product Design, UM
• Roughness and Wear Test Laboratory of the Institute of Manufacturing Science, UM:
– AltiSurf 520 type 3D measuring device for surface topography
• Laboratory for Simulation of Mechanical Systems of the Institute of Applied Mechanics, UM


• AUTOTECH – Material Developments for Vehicle Industry,
• FIEK, Advanced Materials and Smart Technologies,
• Cooperation in basic research, industrial R&D collaborations (Hungarian Handball Association, BAY-ENG, Robert BOSCH Power Tool, BOSCH RBHM, TS Hungary, OERLIKON Balzers, Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science – MTA-MFA

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