Soil and precision management

In the realm of precision farming, a pivotal domain in agricultural innovation, we provide comprehensive support to industrial players by conducting surveys and mapping natural resources essential for agriculture. Leveraging GIS and remote sensing devices, we offer a range of services to enhance agricultural practices.


  • Soil science and soil genetics consulting
  • Soil mapping to support precision farming
  • Development of monitoring systems supporting agricultural production, along with processing data from monitoring systems
  • Environmental impact assessment for designing irrigation districts
  • Development of water management frameworks and strategies for sustainable irrigation development
  • Development of agricultural GIS systems and files
  • Digital terrain modeling procedures for characterizing surface and groundwater, as well as moisture distribution within plots and areas
  • Farmer and user-specific soil and GIS education for farmers and advisory systems


  • ArcGIS
  • CitiEngine
  • ENVI
  • ENVI SARScape module
  • Meteorological stations
  • 21 soil moisture meters (1 meter deep) and loggers
  • Field equipment
  • Conductivity, dielectric constant, oxygen diffusion, and rH tensiometer set
  • Mechanical undisturbed soil sampler
  • Drone technology with a wide sensor set


  • KITE Zrt. - Cooperation in the development of soil mapping and precision zone systems
  • Further training of Accredited Consultants in precision soil mapping, accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • INNOVATION - Innovative solutions for the sustainable use of groundwater resources
  • GROW Observatory, H2020 project - Development of a community-based soil moisture monitoring system

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