Simulation of logistical processes

The University of Miskolc excels in the planning, development, and optimization of production and service processes through simulation modeling. As logistics processes grow in complexity, the significance of this competence area continues to rise.


  • Development of logistics development concepts
  • Logistics process planning
  • Feasibility study of logistics investments
  • Optimization of the operation of complex logistics systems


  • Development, design, and optimization of logistics systems using simulation modeling
  • Review of logistics investment plans
  • Educational activities through a logistics simulation engineering further training course


  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation industrial version
  • Factory CAD software
  • 12 teaching workstations


  • Development and implementation of a parametrizable simulation test model for the production of small series body parts for AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft.
  • Development of parameterizable simulation test models for examining the material flow system variants of motors and associated unit load-generating devices between loading and unloading points for AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt.
  • Innovative design tasks for warehouse design and production line material supply for CLAAS Hungária Kft.

The university’s expertise in simulation modeling contributes to the efficient planning, execution, and improvement of logistics processes, offering valuable support for industries facing increasing operational complexities.

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