Production of high value-added minerals: grain design

Particle design is an emerging scientific field that explores the controllability of physical, physicochemical, and chemical properties of particulate matter. This includes aspects such as shape, surface roughness, size distribution, composition, and surface characteristics. Technologies used for particle design aim to enhance material performance and properties through mechanical process operations.


    • Crushing kinetics studies with 35 types of crushers (size range: 300 mm to 100 nm) for mineral raw materials in various industries
    • Development of shredding technologies
    • Crushing and grindability tests for specific grinding work determination
    • Upscaling shredding to laboratory or semi-industrial scale
    • Nano grinding
    • Basic briquetting and pelleting tests
    • Scaling up cutting operations
    • Coating and production of special core-shell structures
    • Classification tests with sieves and air classifiers
    • Enrichment tests with magnetic separators, eddy current devices, and air flow devices
    • Phase separation tests: filtration, sedimentation, centrifugation
    • Production of different mixtures and examination of their homogenization
    • Sampling from material flows, material sets


  • Netzsch MiniCer nanomill (<100 nm)
  • Horiba laser particle size analyser (10 nm to 3 mm)
  • Netzch fine sorter (2 to 8 um)
  • Retsch Technology Camsizer X2 camera particle size and shape analyser with dry (XJet) and wet (X-Flow) dispersing unit
  • Freeman Technology FT4 Powder flow tester
  • Micromeritics Gemini 2390t – BET specific surface measuring device
  • Phenom ProX desktop scanning electron microscope
  • Fritsch Pulverisette 5 Premium line high energy density planetary mill
  • EDEM – DEM software for modelling particulate matter sets
  • TAM AIR 3 isothermal calorimeter


  • CriticEl project CriticEl Project
  • RING2017 project RING2017 Project
  • COST Action “Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry” (Mech @ SustInd) CA18112 Mech @ SustInd
  • Thematic Program of Excellence
  • Higher Education Institutional Excellence Program

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