Production information engineering

The Production Information Engineering competence area encompasses various aspects of IT support for discrete production systems and processes. This includes modeling, simulation, analysis, optimization, scheduling, management, and software support for decision-making tasks. The university’s expertise in theoretical and practical knowledge allows the transformation of these aspects into software, combining human and artificial intelligence. The resulting solutions effectively address specific problems in different production systems.


  • Modeling and simulation of production systems
  • Analysis and optimization of production processes
  • Production planning, scheduling, and programming
  • Development of specialized production planning and scheduling software
  • Design and development of manufacturing execution systems and additional components
  • Control, coordination, scheduling, and optimization of secondary, auxiliary, maintenance, and other processes related to primary production processes
  • Programming of CNC machines
  • Programming of PLC devices
  • Project scheduling


  • Simulation, analysis, and optimization of production systems
  • Development of specialized and additional software for ERP systems used in practice
  • Replacement of manual and Excel-based production planning and scheduling with software solutions
  • Developing and connecting digital twins with real production systems
  • Development of manufacturing management software
  • Design and implementation of control algorithms
  • Creating CNC programs
  • Creating PLC programs
  • Development of multi-objective project scheduling software
  • Own, custom-developed software


  • Development of a production scheduling model and solving algorithm: SanatMetál Kft. (Eger)
  • Development of integrated production scheduling and inventory control software: Fehrer Kft. (Mór)
  • Development of production fine-scheduling software: Electrolux Kft. (Jászberény)
  • Production IT consulting: ToMeth Kft. (Bélapátfalva)
  • Simulation-based analysis of production processes: Bosch Rexroth Kft. (Eger)

The university’s competence in Production Information Engineering plays a vital role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of discrete production systems, providing tailored software solutions and consulting services for various industries.

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