Product tracking systems

The University of Miskolc specializes in the design, review, and development of tracking systems for products manufactured by companies. The development of a modern product tracking system is fundamental for the evaluation, development, and optimization of processes, making its proper design a critical factor in enhancing the competitiveness of companies.


  • Choice of identification tools
  • Analysis and evaluation of product tracking systems
  • Development of logistics processes
  • Development of a product tracking system concept


  • Reviewing the product tracking system of companies and creating a development concept
  • Designing product tracking systems for production and service companies
  • Developing a quality assurance process using a product tracking system
  • High-tech logistics laboratory
  • Identification technical system
  • Development of a warehouse identification system concept (Linamar Hungary Nyrt.)
  • Review of a forklift material handling system, making proposals for its development (Linamar Hungary Nyrt.)
  • Review of warehousing logistics processes, formulation of development proposals (SBS Kft.)
  • Carrying out innovative design tasks for warehouse design and production line material supply (Claas Hungaria Kft.)

The university’s expertise in product tracking systems contributes to the enhancement of logistics processes and quality assurance, supporting companies in their pursuit of competitiveness and efficiency.

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