Processing of secondary raw materials and waste

In alignment with the principles of the Circular Economy, the University of Miskolc is dedicated to the reintroduction of constituents and structural materials from industrial and residential waste, as well as products that have reached the end of their lifecycle, back into the economy. Utilizing a range of process operations, including mechanical, chemical, physico-chemical, biological, and thermal methods, the university addresses the challenges posed by increasingly complex and variable structure wastes, including composite materials, surface layers, and biodegradable materials.


  • Mining waste (inert, primary raw materials)
  • Slag and fly ash
  • Municipal solid waste and its various fractions
  • Electronic waste (conventional appliances and high-tech devices)
  • Vehicle recycling of passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Additional metal-containing wastes
  • Plastic waste
  • Composite materials
  • Water and sewage
  • Various types of biomass


  • Shredders – 35 types (coarse shredders, grinders, fine grinders, in the size range of 300 mm to 100 nm)
  • Screeners (sieves, air classifiers)
  • Enrichers (magnetic and eddy current separators, air flow devices, additional separation equipment)
  • Phase separators (filters, settlers, centrifuges)
  • Mixers, agglomeration (pelletizing, briquetting press)
  • Reactors (bio-process technology, chemical and physico-chemical process technology)
  • Laboratory analysis (including particle size distribution, particle shape, SEM, ICC, BET, rheology)


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