Optimization of logistics systems

This competence area focuses on the optimization of production and service processes, emphasizing the integrated solution of layout planning, routing, loading, warehousing, and scheduling problems.


  • Optimisation of in-plant and external supply chain solutions
  • Optimisation of complex logistics systems


  • Optimisation of in-plant and external supply chain solutions
  • Supply chain analysis and optimisation


  • Software for optimisation (Plant Simulation, MATLAB)
  • 12 workstations


  • Analysis of assembly workstations for Bosch Rexroth from the inventory, storage, and loading point of view
  • Analysis and improvement of Kanban procurement logistics for Fisher-Rosemount
  • Improvement of production and logistics systems for Miskolci Vasipari Acélszerkezetgyártó
  • Inventory analysis for REMAT
  • Optimisation of international transportation routes based on cooperation opportunities with logistics centres for Horváth Rudolf Intertransport

This competence area offers a range of services and tools for optimizing supply chain solutions and logistics systems. The utilization of software tools such as Plant Simulation and MATLAB, along with a team of experts, enables the analysis and enhancement of various processes in production and logistics. The references showcase successful projects in assembly workstation analysis, Kanban procurement logistics improvement, production system enhancement, inventory analysis, and optimization of international transportation routes.

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