Noise and Vibration testing

Our competence area focuses on the precise measurement and analysis of Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) in various machines, equipment, vehicles, and their components. Armed with comprehensive NVH knowledge and advanced measurement skills, we conduct NVH measurements both indoors and in free sound fields. Our goal is to identify and understand the noise and vibration characteristics, enabling the development of innovative solutions to reduce their levels.


  • Comprehensive NVH knowledge
  • NVH measurement skills
  • NVH measurements indoors and in free sound fields
  • Vibration measurements on machines and equipment


  • Determination of noise and vibration characteristics through measurements
  • Development of noise and vibration reduction measures


  • B&K Photon+ 4-channel data acquisition unit
  • B&K PULSE 6-channel data acquisition unit
  • B&K 2260 investigator
  • Various microphones and accelerometers
  • Laser vibrometer


  • Determination of sound power level of refrigerators (Electrolux Lehel Kft., Dometic Zrt.)
  • Noise reduction of refrigerators (Dometic Zrt.)
  • Noise measurement of a hedge trimmer, possibilities of noise reduction (Robert Bosch Power Tool Szerszámgyártó Kft.)
  • Noise and vibration testing of an angle drive (Rába Futómű Kft.)
  • Comprehensive investigation and noise reduction of mobile HVAC modules (Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft.)

With our expertise in NVH, we contribute to creating quieter and smoother-running machinery, enhancing the overall user experience and meeting stringent noise and vibration standards.

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