Mineral research and site modeling

The material testing workshop at the University of Miskolc, boasting a unique instrument park, plays a vital role in geological research focused on ore and non-metallic mineral raw material deposits and indications. The research spans site model creation, geological interpretation, and innovative techniques. Leveraging modern analytical instruments, expertise, and extending into robotic geological research and sensor technology, the workshop contributes to advancements in raw material research and instrument development. As part of a research consortium, the workshop has access to cutting-edge European research technologies, such as UNEXUP, capable of mapping and in situ material analysis of cavities filled with groundwater, including flooded mining areas, caves, or karst watercourses.


  • Geological and structural geological mapping
  • Geochemical sampling plan and sampling
  • Ore geological sampling plan and preparation
  • Sample preparation, quality control, and quality assurance
  • Phase analysis and ore studies
  • Data interpretation, modeling, geological asset estimation


  • Preparation of sampling plans and sampling for industrial minerals and hydrocarbon plants
  • Phase analytical and rock tissue studies
  • Facies interpretation based on geological-geophysical data
  • Pool analysis


  • Mapping and material testing of subsurface flooded cavities with a research robot
  • Development of optical sensors for raw material research
  • Research robot equipped with self-developed test units
  • Electron beam microprobe with WDX, EDX spectrometers: Jeol JXA-8600 Superprobe
  • X-ray powder diffractometers: Bruker D8 Advance and Bruker D8 Discover
  • Schottky field emission Thermo Scientific Helios G4 PFIB CXe scanning electron microscope
  • Rigaku SuperMini WD-XRF


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