Metal Extraction, Production, and Purification

Our main area of expertise lies in the development, optimization, and evaluation of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes. We particularly focus on methods suitable for processing and neutralizing metal-containing solid and liquid waste materials. Additionally, we offer techniques based on electrolysis and other reduction/oxidation processes for metal extraction and purification.


  • Handling and utilization of industrial and other metal-containing waste materials
  • Investigation and development of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical methods for extracting valuable metal content from the above materials
  • Treatment, purification, and enrichment of metal solutions, as well as collective or selective extraction/removal of metal content
  • Production of high-purity metals
  • Melting of metals and metal-containing materials, metal extraction in molten state
  • Purification of metal melts


  • Analysis of the composition of materials mentioned above
  • Investigation and development of methods for metal extraction from the mentioned raw materials
  • Development of chemical metallurgical methods/procedures necessary for the comprehensive utilization or neutralization of metal-containing waste materials
  • Examination and development of metal purification procedures
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis and characterization of metallurgical processes


  • Laboratory glassware, bi-distillation and ion-exchange water purification equipment, acids, alkalis, salts, and other reagents, fume hoods, cleaning, and drying equipment
  • Rotary vacuum distillation apparatus, heated magnetic stirrers, shakers, vacuum filters, chromatographic ion exchange equipment
  • Electrolytic tanks, membrane separation and solution circulation electrolysis cells, laboratory power supplies, analog/digital signal converters, virtual systems, memory oscilloscopes, multimeters, potentiodynamic measuring systems
  • Atomic absorption (AAS) spectrometer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, classical analytical equipment, micro-pipettes, and automatic burettes, electronic pH meters, ion-selective electrodes, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen concentration meters, indicators


  • Vacuum induction, induction, resistance-heated high-temperature laboratory furnaces, crucible and tube furnaces, digital thermometers
  • Gas-fired rotary drum furnace
  • Rotor molten metal treatment gas flushing equipment
  • Semi-continuous laboratory casting equipment
  • Laboratory jaw crusher, ball mills, and attrition mills, granulometric classification sieves and shakers
  • GD-OES plasma optical emission spectrometer


  • Arconic Mill Products Hungary Ltd. (formerly Arconic-Köfém Ltd. and Alcoa-Köfém Ltd.)
  • INOTAL Aluminium and Slag Processing Plc.
  • Prometec Non-Ferrous Metalurgy Ltd.
  • VISHAY Hungary Ltd.
  • MAL Plc.
  • ISD Dunaferr Plc.
  • Ózdi Steelworks Ltd.
  • Jabil Circuit Hungary Ltd.
  • Bosch Group
  • Kienle – Spiess Hungary Ltd.
  • Nemak Győr Aluminum Foundry Ltd.
  • NAGÉV Ltd.

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