Manufacturing technology

This competency involves researching the technologies used in the production of machine-industry products, solving technological problems, manufacturing custom-made components, and implementing technological experiments.


  • Application of precision technologies for producing components meeting operational requirements, including hard machining and combined processes.
  • Development of life-extending and environmentally friendly production technology for machine parts, including non-traditional machining methods.
  • Fine machining and measurement of parts produced using additive technologies.
  • Application of special cutting technologies for machining products with prescribed surface quality, including surface topography, hardness, and residual stresses.


  • Surveying, planning, and consulting on manufacturing processes.
  • Technological problem-solving, process development, and tooling.
  • Machining of components in individual production runs.
  • Implementation of technological experiments and research.
  • Finite element simulation of cutting processes.


  • EMAG VSC 400 DDS hard machining center
  • OPTIturn L440 CNC and OPTIturn S600 CNC turning lathes
  • MCV-M8 CNC machining center
  • FSM 4080 CNC surface grinder
  • Mastercam 2020 CAM software
  • ThirdWave AdvantEdge FEM software for cutting technology
  • AltiSurf 520 type 3D measuring device for surface topography


  • ZF Hungária Ltd. (Eger): Implementation of high-speed surface milling with 80 mm diameter soldered insert PCD tool for machining gearbox housings.
  • KIVA-TECH Ltd. (Miskolc): Manufacturing technology of various machine components, machining of parts.
  • Bay Zoltán Applied Research Nonprofit Ltd. (Miskolc): Measurement of wear and surface characteristics of worn parts.

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