Liquid phase separation and mass spectrometry for the analysis of complex biological systems

We specialize in molecular analysis of biological samples, particularly focusing on post-translational modifications such as glycosylation. Glycans are separated from proteins by an enzymatic treatment and then fluorescently derivatized to detect very small amounts of samples (<1µg). The analysis is performed with a high-resolution and high-throughput ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography system in combination with fluorescent and mass spectrometric detection. Additionally, we excel in quality control of monoclonal antibodies, which includes intact protein analysis and identification of various aggregates, along with the identification of post-translational modifications of proteins.


  • Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC)
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEC)
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)
  • Reverse Phase Chromatography (RPC)
  • Determination of Amino Acid Composition of Proteins
  • Monosaccharide Analysis
  • Examination of Protein Aggregates


  • Molecular analysis of biological samples focusing on post-translational modifications (glycosylation)
  • Quality control of monoclonal antibodies, including intact protein analysis and identification of various aggregates
  • Identification of post-translational modifications of proteins


  • Determination of glycan structures in a given sample
  • Determination of monosaccharide composition
  • Detection of disease-specific alterations
  • Detection of protein modifications
  • Waters UPLC-MS
  • Empower Chromatography Software
  • Glykoworkbench
  • Peptidemass

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