Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) helps the industry to design and optimise product and technology development processes by
reducing the environmental impacts of a particular product throughout its entire life cycle.


• Determining the resources and environmental impacts of the entire product life cycle from the raw material
extraction to the end-of-life stage
• Optimising the sustainable manufacturing process of products
• Scenarios to establish waste management processes, in particular for Waste-to-Energy technologies
• Investigation of environmental aspects and impacts with GaBi 8.0 sustainability software


• Quantitative analysis of input and output data for life cycle inventory
• Estimation of emissions and environmental impacts of the tested system
• Designing cleaner production options by saving resources, recycling energy and material flows, and minimizing environmental risk
• Complex product life cycle analysis with different impact assessment methods while normalizing and weighting environmental impacts
• Proposing sustainable waste management through end-of-life analyses and design of waste preparation technologies
• Comparison of the investigated system with alternative products, processes, or services, including international professional literature research
• Supporting the development of new products, processes, or services
• Carbon footprint calculation, interactive report (i-report)
• Life cycle costing, life cycle work environment and social life cycle assessment
• Supporting environmental performance assessment, environmental report, environmental product declaration, and sustainability strategy development


• GaBi 8.0 LCA software


• TÁMOP 4.2.1.B-10/2/KONV-2010-0001 (Improving the quality of higher education based on the development of centres of excellence in the strategic research areas of the University of Miskolc) Scientific Workshop: Development of innovative enviro-friendly technologies and increasing energy efficiency in the chemical industry. Development of enviro-friendly technologies to reduce environmental impact. Environmental, energy-technological, and economic investigations of possible enviro-friendly technologies;
• Establishment of HEICC of Advanced Materials and Intelligent Technologies at the University of Miskolc, project number:GINOP-2.3.4-15-2016-00004
• (1) Development of innovative and enviro-friendly plastic thermal insulation materials, products, and technologies based on comparative LCA and LCC analyses
• (2) LCA-based development of innovative and enviro-friendly concrete structural elements by recycling secondary raw materials or waste
• (3) Innovative materials and materials technology research to establish an intelligent building management system;

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